8 weeks old

Here I am pondering questions of the ages while rocking the little E-town

Actually, I think I was pondering the question: How many Riberas does it take to put together a pack-n-play?

Apparently, it takes 3!
Way to go Ribera G-parents!

Brendan and Ez on the golf course on our mini-vacay

My Wolverine Baby! Hopefully, next post I'll get up the picture of the Beethoven hair!

Snuggling in Leavenworth

Smooching in Leavenworth

What can I say? He's just really cute!

Slingin' in Leavenworth


Bath pic

It's important that every Meador descendant know the importance of buckets! We're starting early with Ez

Ez enjoys licking the quilt Dacia made for him. I hear that this quilt got featured by a popular crafty blog. I'll have to get a link to post!

Hope you enjoyed these! I'm still not very good at getting the camera out at the right moment. Ezra is more in tune with his world every day, and I am having so much fun watching him learn and grow!

A long visit with Ezra

A few pics