Today is Rib's and my 3rd anniversary. Feels like it's been MUCH longer than that- in a good way :). So far, we celebrated by having cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Tonight, Brendan will be seeing Radiohead with his brothers while I hang at home with Ezra. So, I'll be honest, that sucks. I love Ezra- that part doesn't suck, but I'm definitely jealous that Brendan won't be here. Of course, I was fully aware when he bought the ticket that it would be our anniversary and that I would feel this way today. He hasn't seen Radiohead before, and I feel like that's one of those things that he should get to do. Being the romantic person in our relationship, I felt that it would be lovey and sacrifical of me to say, "you go ahead; I know you'll love that." Naturally, that same romantic sentimentality is what is now making me feel lonely and bummed out that we're not having some amazing day together! Dinged if I do, danged if I don't, I guess. I'm hoping to get my fix of romantic attention when we go on our yet to be planned weekend trip in the next few weeks. We'll see...

Being married has been wonderful, and I feel like we've made lots of progress in relating to one another. That said, we still have the SAME fight every 3-6 months (with lots of little ones in between, of course!). Becoming parents together this year has changed our relationship, and I look forward to navigating the future with him. I often whisper to Ezra that he is so blessed to have parents who love each other, think each other is cool, and are committed to always working things out. I'm so sad that marriage has become such an optional institution, once it is engaged, in our country. We haven't been at it for long, but I already and still love it... and am willing to keep on keeping on when it is hard.

Love you, Ribby! Have fun at Radiohead... and at least buy me a T-shirt!

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