Quick Facts

Before he wakes up...

He is now 9lbs and 21.5 inches long. He is a GREAT baby. He eats very well and quickly :). He has 2 or 3 really fun, long active periods each day. Today he played on his tummy without whining for 10 minutes! He's barrel chested, which is adorable; and, he self soothes by playing with his hair... a technique his daddy still uses! Ezra was baptized this past Sunday, and we are so overwhelmed with God's goodness in promising his love to us and our children.

I'm doing MUCH better. My labor kicked my behind, but I'm feeling mostly recovered. I'm extremely sleep deprived, but our system is getting better with each passing night. It seems that when I'm at absolute wit's end... he somehow lets me get 4 hours of sleep. God is good! I'll have to write someday in the future about my thoughts on natural childbirth and my first weeks of motherhood. The reviews are mixed! However, I'm blown away whenever I stare down into little Ezzie's face and reflect on what a gift he is. It feels like the rollercoaster I was on since my pregnancy with Speck has finally allowed me to exit! Of course, now I'm on another ride altogether... but, I've always loved a good, wild rollercoaster!

Just a quick preview... glad I did my birth naturally, but it was not the wonderful, cool experience all the books said it would be. Don't think I was naive, though! Not like I didn't think it would hurt :) Similarly, while it's cool from a biological standpoint, breastfeeding does not conjure words like "magical" and "rewarding," and it's been a breeze for us! Can't imagine what it's like for people who have trouble with it. Of course, Ezra thinks it's great ;)

So Much Fun

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