Week 39 Update

No Spudkins yet, but that's alright! He's not due for another week. I actually sort of got a break this week, especially the latter part of it, from all my contracting. Really, it was nice to get a rest. Feeling contractions 24/7 (even though they're quite mild) was becoming a little tiring! Also the suspense was killing me - "Is this it? Maybe this is really it this time! Oh... nope"

I feel like Spud is doing very well. He's feeling bigger, and he's still a wiggler. He responds to my touch in somewhat predictable ways, so I already feel like we've established some communicative connection. I push on his rear - he kicks my other hand with his left leg. I rub on his back - he rolls his elbow around if I stop. He also is really feeling FAR DOWN! Seriously, I'm up once an hour every night; a two hour stretch feels like a luxuriously long sleep.

So, we continue our "any minute" anticipation, and we still think it's fun :). Although, our pleading with Spud to get out here and see us is becoming more earnest by the day!

Holding Pattern

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