Diapers and Crafts

The above picture pretty much sums up my feelings about baby products over the last week. They make me crazy! We did finally decide to try gDiapers, so that felt good to conclude. I bought a pkg of disposables for the first couple weeks in case he's too small for the g's. I am excited about the g's, though. I can put disposable pads or cloth in them. Last night Brendan joined me in my new favorite (DORKY) game: diaper practice on Spud's friends.
This is Brendan practicing

A clean elephant is a happy elephant :)

Well, Mom, maybe this photo explains why Chuckanucka looks the way he does... too much torture!

Elephant: "Are you as embarrassed as I am?"
Chuckanucka: "At least they don't put your arms and legs inside!"

In other news...Rib in one of his new bike-tops I got him for his birthday

My belly at 36 weeks :) This photo surprised me! I didn't realize I looked that large!

Finally, these are pictures of one of the little throw pillows I made for Spudkin. This two-sided one goes in the rocking chair. The other is all green for the bed.


Good Job, Little Spudkin!