Baby Shower!

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are some pics from the highlights of another busy week. I think that, one way or another, I got to play hostess every day last week. I love doing that, so that made me happy. I definitely do get more tired than I formerly did; but after being cooped up alone for all those weeks of back pain, it was WAY worth it!

These are some attempts at a little photo shoot on Thursday night when some of my favorite people under 3ft came over for dinner with their moms. We had a fun time- especially the guinea pigs (or as some say, the "gimme" pigs) who got extra treats!

(a little something to remember as you look at these pictures: I'm 37 weeks pregnant!)

Alright, now for baby shower pictures! We had a great time, and it was just my kind of party: laid back, lots of excellent food, great crowd, no awkward make-me-cry-too-much moments :). This whole year of pregnancy adventure has been emotional enough, so I really enjoyed just having a fun, happy, chill celebration. Everyone was so generous to me and Spud, and we got quite the mound of fantastic, practical gifts. I'm not taking a thing back! Really!!!

Kariokra, Aunt Patty, Auntie Kistamine, GG, and Lola

I'm sure I'm not supposed to say things like this, but I have to admit that that robot shirt was probably my favorite thing! I mean, Spud's dad is a computer dork, so I have to love that sort of thing even more!
Opening Kari's present was the one moment that almost did make me cry b/c she wrote a sweet note, and I've known her longer than anyone else in Seattle. I'm so glad she's still around to share in all these little milestones. Above: me looking at Karioke as she explains the significance of her gift of favorite books of her childhoood

Liam and Lola. Having 2 baby boys there made me even more excited about Spuddy Buddy!

My lovely hostesses: Hannah, Christy, and Caroline. Caroline especially did a great job of hosting the other little girls who joined us :)

Hooray for nipple protectors and a lifetime supply of nursing pads (I received more than are pictured here)! Such wise friends I have :)


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