Very Busy!

AGGHHHH! It's been crazy around here, but thankfully we're past the worst :). The move happened this past Saturday, and Brendan and I got a ton of stuff done over the holiday weekend. I'll take pictures of the finished new apartment and post them when things are looking good before Brendan's birthday party on Thursday.

All of the above are a brief smattering of snapshots from our life over the last couple of weeks. Scenes include:
MASSIVE Ikea trip
Constructing Spuddy's dresser and crib (crib compliments of the Hainjes :)
Picnic over the beautiful weekend
Gross and exhausted after the move
Rocking chair we blessedly found at Goodwill for $13
Cute linens I got for guest bed in Spud's room
and more!

Spud and I are doing pretty well. The sciatica is still MISERABLE, but I'm really trying to stay off my feet and see if more rest and downtime will help it improve. We are now in week 35!

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