Moving to Eastlake!

We picked a place, and everything is good to go! We'll begin renting it May 1st. That gives me 6 weeks to clean both places, move everything, and FINALLY get excited and busy with making a home for my Spudkin!

It's right on Eastlake just down from Hines, 14 Carrot and all that. I'm excited that we get to be in a very urban location. Eastlake is great because it is so close to downtown and Capitol Hill (for Rib to get to work), and we're just blocks from Lake Union. Parking may be annoying at times, but (except on Fourth of July!) I don't expect it to be a problem. As long as I don't begin labor around 10 pm on Independence Day, we shouldn't have any problem! Otherwise, I could be giving birth in the car in a post-fireworks traffic jam.

Really, though, that's the only negative about the place in my mind. It has a cute little kitchen, and, because I whined, the landlord is being kind enough to install a portable dishwasher for us at no extra charge! That means that the place satisfies all my requirements: cool neighborhood, walking distance to grocery store and coffee shop (and much more!), dishwasher, washer/dryer with utility area, gas heat, wood floors (no nasty carpet for my baby's face!), and lots of natural light! It has private entrances, front and back doors. Each door has a little porch/deckish landing for planters and our grill. We can even paint if we want. I'm dreaming up fun design possibilities for Spud's room. The bedroom is already a green that I like, so we'll probably leave it. It isn't huge, but it's a fine size for us. The best part... it's about $200 cheaper than most of the other places we seriously considered!

I'm so thankful! I had no doubts, but I'm still thankfully surprised that we found a good place relatively easily. God is good. For the record: I'd think that even if it had been harder :)

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