Spud Likes to Bake

At least, he must because I don't, but we've been doing a lot of it. I have always loved to cook, but baking isn't my thing, too much measuring and dirtying of spoons and bowls. I've been jonesin' for homemade baked goods lately, though. So, last week I made a loaf of apple bread, some chocolate muffins, and (last night) chocolate chip cookies. Brendan is happy about it but only half-heartedly, I think. Here he is, getting up to exercise every day and eating well, when, suddenly, his formerly crudite-loving wife starts whipping up sugary, carb-y treats every other day! What's a Rib to do? Eat cookies! Thankfully, all my old vegetable loving habits are still fully embedded. And, if I don't get enough protein, I get crabby-hungry/tired, so we're still pretty good about eating lots of healthy food too.

Other thing on my mind these days: I want a video camera! On Friday night, Joel and Kle came over, and Joel had videos from middle school and high school of him and other dear friends ;). They were hilarious! I, of course, then subjected them to my home videos, and then Rib showed off his examples of RUF promo acting. I want to have funny videos of Boykins! How else will I be able to humiliate him at his rehearsal dinner? Just kidding, I won't do that... unless you really deserve it!

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