Kari in the PI!

Check out this article about my friend, Kari Brunson: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/food/353650_brunson05.html

Kari and I were roommates for a couple of years during and after my dancing days. I'm ridiculously proud of her! When we lived together she would claim to be unable to cook and hardly ever did it, so I think it's even cooler that she's so passionate about it now. If you ever need a recipe for a nice dinner or entertaining (or just for the heck of it!), be sure to check her blog, www.anticiplate.com.

I'm blessed with quite a pack of ridiculously talented friends from those days. A lot of them are quite successful in their dance careers, but many have moved on to other forms of greatness too: modeling, education, acting, etc. Dancers are usually such go-getters. I've got it in me to want to reach for some new, fun career, but I think God has plans for me to lie low and raise chillens for a while. And, I'm perfectly happy with that! Maybe I'll open a floral shop when they all go away to college or career; or, no, a jewelry biz; actually, maybe I'll do arts management; or, try for a corporate gig; or, do docent training; or, ... :)

Meanwhile, I'll just be hanging out with Spud. He's going to have so many gorgeous, talented aunties that it will almost be embarrassing!

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