Freaky Picture

This is a picture Brendan snapped as he said, "you look broken," while I was doing my final pose of the evening. Can you tell I used to be a dancer? I was lying there thinking about how cool it is that there is another applicable purpose for this one freak skill. I used to do that first thing every morning before class... as I drank my Cherry Coke and ate my Snickers bar! I'd always be sure to pull that one out at auditions too! Who knew that I'd ever have a reason to do that again? It took me about a week to get back to the full split. I think my legs used to be able to go a little past 180 degrees... not exactly necessary these days! This is supposed to help prevent midnight leg cramps... in addition to other baby-birthing benefits ;)

Sorry if this seems a little TMI to anyone... I'm not the best judge of that sort of thing when it comes to dancer-y positions!


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