Weekend Update

This was another busy weekend that pretty near wore me out! That's a little pathetic because we really didn't do that much. I think some of my frustration had to do with a little pregnancy symptom that I hadn't had to deal with yet but is super-common. Let's just say, fiber is my friend. Sorry to trouble you with such details, gentle reader, but as my sister says, I don't have much concept of a private life ;). I keep other people's secrets really well, but I suck at keeping mine! My uterine cramps came back also, and the back was pretty bad. Being consistently uncomfortable is tiring, I guess.

We had fun, though. On Friday, Spud and I ran around visiting friends all day. We also went to the Herbalist on 65th and mixed a custom-made pregnancy tea. I drank a cup a day all weekend, and by last night, my cramps were much better. YAY! We picked up Rib and went to meet Joel and Kletia for a big night-out. We went to dinner at Taste of India (which will forever remind me of the day we found out Amos was around!), and then we went to see There Will Be Blood. Not a movie for kids, but I'm pretty sure Spud couldn't see it :). We really liked it. It's hard to say that you "enjoy" watching something so intense, but I am glad that I saw it. I would like to watch it again, actually, to pick up some more things. It's like a trip to a museum; there's a lot to look at and think about. The music was GREAT; I've never seen a movie in which the music aided and enhanced the story so much.

On Saturday, Rib and I exercised our right to loaf, after I cleaned the house up, of course :). I don't know what has come over me. I think my chore-a-day regimen is starting to sink in to my very core. I can't abide dishes out or crap all over the coffee table. It's about time! I've always been stressed by messiness but have been lacking in the get-'er done department. Things are looking up! I even find enjoyment in cleaning... it's crazy and great! Brendan and I spent the afternoon at one of our favorite little coffee shops, the Grateful Bread Bakery. It's as hippie as it sounds, and the coffee is very good. We read and ate sandwiches and cookies. Then we went to the Ribera Senior residence for some company and a dinner of forbidden food. Yep, I ate some hotdogs, and it was awesome! I, of course, ate mine after searing any possible listeria way out of 'em.

Sunday was great because we had a visit from the General Secretary of the Central Malawi Presbytery, the Rev. Chifungo. It was a very encouraging visit. I'm so excited about all the people coming to Christ in Africa. The report made me glad that my friends are there sharing in the work... even though I miss them desperately!

That afternoon, Rib and I made a large pot of the super-food known as red beans & (brown) rice! it's chock full of iron, fiber (52% daily value in one serving of red beans!), and protein. Apparently, everyone knows this, but I didn't: beans and rice together make a complete protein. So, that's good for you, I assume. We enjoyed it, for sure. Then I whipped up a few fruit plates for the presentation that evening from Chifungo. No, they were nothing like the wedding reception fruit I did a few weeks ago... that was difficult and expensive :). They were really pretty, though, just because kiwis, pineapple, orange slices, and red grapes are beautiful on their own.

And today... is Monday. And my beloved Rib is back to iLike. I always miss him so much! Guess that's a good sign :)

Stretching! Who Knew?

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