"I'm So Excited, and I Just Can't Hide It!"

Is it Thursday yet? Well why not!?

I'm so ridiculously eager to see my little Spudkin that I can barely stand it; it is ALL I can think about. Even if we can't clearly see the sex (although I really hope we can!), I'm just so pumped to see a little body in there. We saw him/her before, and that was quite thrilling even though s/he was just a little tiny lima bean with a blinking ET heart. So, seeing something that looks human will be AWESOME. I keep thinking about how when Amos arrived he looked so much like his ultrasound picture. You always imagine that all babies look the same in the ultrasound, but if you get a good profile shot, you can really get an idea of how s/he looks.

I think Spud is excited too because s/he's been in there practicing some tricks to show us. Twice yesterday I felt significant acrobatics, and last night I could feel the little kicks from the outside with my hand on my belly. Of course, Spud gets stage fright the instant Brendan tries to feel the little high-fives. Oh well, I'm sure they will make contact soon.

I also made an exciting discovery yesterday. At girls' night, aka the happy hour where some of us meet up on Tuesday nights, I was being a good mommy and had some orange juice. I haven't had just plain orange juice for a couple of weeks. Well, Spud must have loved it (or been jolted with sugar) because s/he started punching around in there. So: Good timing, and thanks for the heads up, little Spudkin! I will be swigging some orange juice right before I get on that table tomorrow morning. Hopefully you've been rehearsing your splits! :)

A final request on a more somber note, please pray with us that everything will look ok in there. I'm not "worried," per se, but it's in the back of my head.

Spud? More like Stud!

Stretching! Who Knew?