Dad's Birthday!!!

Yes, they both have adorably close-to-each-other, February birthdays. I was excited about Speck's potential due date being so close to the family birthday cluster.

So about Dad... Best Dad ever. Really, I think so. He's a great balance of all good qualities. I think my two favorite things about him show the breadth of those good qualities: good sense of humor and sensitivity. Dad is my favorite person to joke around with on the whole planet, and I have some pretty hilarious friends. I always tease him that I must be a jerk because of him because he has that same troublesome ability to instantly hear the mistake in what you said, or the funny way you said it, and turn it into a joke about you for the rest of the day. Pity the poor tourist walking by in Santa Fe or Padre Island when Dad and I are within earshot of each other. No one can escape our cruel wit. Fortunately (at least I hope!), people don't hear us making fun of them. Alright... this post is supposed to make Dad look good, so I guess I should move on. Although, really, I love that about him.

Dad is super sensitive. I know he doesn't like it, just like I don't like it about me, but it is an excellent quality, nonetheless. Maybe we're both so quick to jest because we don't like being emo in front of people. Whatever. Shut-up. Did you hear the one about the...

Anyway, another great thing about Dad is this: like mom, he's ridiculously good looking. One of Dad's favorite jokes goes like this:
Dad: "I can't wait til tomorrow."
Unsuspecting Victim (usually me or Whitney): "Why?"
Dad: "Because I get better looking every day."
I think it's true. Meadors age well. I don't think he has single gray hair, and he's not wrinkly at all. Maybe I'll be hot like my parents when I'm older... Spud, you better think so!

My dad is also the hardest worker I've ever known. He's always been a great example of industriousness and responsibility. I think that he's really unselfish in that way. I know he worked a lot of long hours so that I could flit off to all my ballet summer intensives. Of course, I think he also just has an inherent sense that doing things right is the only way to do them, and he's always been careful to teach us that tempered with the Bible's charge to do everything for the glory of God and as if working for the Lord, not for men. His hard work is all seasoned with integrity, too, which has made him, in my opinion, the success that he is today.

I am so grateful that Spud has such wonderful examples in his grandparents. The Ribera parents are great too. Brendan and I always remember to each other that our child will be blessed mostly because of the way that our parents raised each of us. Now, if only we were closer to those Meadors!

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