I'm hoping that this week will be nice and calm. I somehow manage to keep too busy despite only having a 4-6 hour a week job! I'm not teaching this week because we have our congregational meeting at church tonight, and I hate to miss those. But, I already have 4 out of the 5 weeknights full this week. It's amazing what a homebody I've become. I need to have a week with NO plans soon!

I guess I'm feeling the need to stay home because this last weekend was particularly busy. Spud attended his/her (can't wait until I don't have to write that anymore!) first youth group lock-in on Friday. Don't worry; I didn't stay all night! On Saturday, we picked up the Speck ring. I like it a lot. I'll post a bunch of pictures soon. I'm just too lazy to do all the computer switching that picture posting requires around here. Then, I spent the day with Lola. We got manicures at this awesome salon called Julep that's new in town. It was incredibly nice and fancy, and it only cost $8 more than your average manicure at a slightly sketchy, are-you-sure-you-understand-what-I-want, reeks of acetone salon. Then we met up with the boys for dinner at a new restaurant at new village that was pretty good but not totally worth the cost. On Sunday, we had 9 grownups and one 2 year old over for a lunch of pulled pork. So good. That was, of course, great, but everything makes me so tired these days, especially if I can't get a little nap.

Rib is home today. It snowed last night, and Seattle, of course, fell apart! It's not even bad outside, but the poor boy's 2nd bus never showed up. So, he just came back to work from home. Just as well, I guess, because I didn't want to have to drive up the hill tonight if it snowed more to pick him up for the meeting.

Sort of boring post today, but wasn't it about time for some generic, non-emotional info? :)


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