Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I know. That's like asking Mount Rainier to move over a bit (although, geologically speaking, I don't think that is entirely out of the question... interesting). At any rate, rain in Seattle in the fall and winter is just a visitor we all must accept. It's been raining or snowing (wet, slushy) since Friday. The snow on Saturday was fun for a second... until I had to go somewhere. I'm becoming a completely snow-fearing Seattlite... it's embarrassing, but true.

The really bad thing about all this wet is that several of our friends are dealing with flooding! Flooded basements, flooded apartments, etc. I feel so bad for all of them. The secondary bad thing is that it's depressing the pregnant girl. Yesterday, I actually sobbed! I vaguely felt like it was related to Brendan playing Team Strikeforce during his lunch hour on his day working from home (b/c he has a cold), but I was definitely abnormally upset about it. It was a perfect storm: seasonal affect, pregnancy emotions, and Team Strikeforce.

In case you're wondering, the computer game playing just bothers me because I'm jealous of it. Not a new issue, for sure.


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