A Little Update

Spud and I are in Texas eagerly awaiting the arrival of Daddy Rib on Saturday. I had a whirlwind of a week trying to get myself out the door on Wednesday. I managed to remember everything I was supposed to bring... except, of course, the thing I probably need the very most, my thyroid supplement! I realized this about 6 hours before I needed to take it, in the middle of the night. Fortunately, Texas is full of super-friendly, helpful people, and the pharmacist at Walgreens saved the day by simply GIVING me 3 pills, all I needed to tide me over until Brendan shows up with my meds on Saturday night. Disaster #1: averted! SO, if you ever need some pills... I know how to get them ;)

Wedding plans are going swimmingly for my sister, and we're having fun checking things off the list one at a time. Yesterday, we got some make-up for the wedding after lunch with my cousin and grandma. That was fun.

Also, I should note that Spud and I are feeling OK. My midwife and I talked about my spotting issues and my concerns about my activity level. She thinks the nature of the spotting is nothing to worry about, so I'm glad of that. It's easy to say it's nothing now that we've hear little Spud's heartbeat so many times. She also said that it probably would be good for me to limit my activity and rest more especially if that's what my instincts are telling me to do. I have full permission to laze about as much as I need. She's so great. She said that I'm just exhibiting good maternal instinct and that this all practice for learning to say no to too much stress/ activity when Spud is out here, and my family requires it. So, I'm feeling good about all that.

Last little thing: we had a great, but all too brief, time catching up and hanging out with Auntie Brenna and David during the 24 hr. period that our presence in Seattle overlapped. We also talked a bit about doing whatever we can to try to ensure that Brenna is at Spud's birth. Pray with us about that if you think of it because Brenna's presence would go a LONG way in my level of comfort and feeling of security on that huge day.


Good Thing Everyone I Know is Nice