"Baby, Baby, can't you hear [your] heart beat?"

Yeah, we can!

I had another little spotting scare last weekend in the midst of the Nutcracker madness. That was stressful. So, I called my midwife to ask if we could come in for a listen. I felt pretty sure that everything was fine, but I'm about to leave town and wanted to be really sure. I'll be through week 12 by next weekend when I'm there, so I figured if I heard the beat one more time that would allay any fears that might arise with any more minor spotting in Texas.

We went this morning, and it was pretty funny. She uses a little doppler machine to detect the beat. The first doppler machine was really static-y, so she changed the batteries, hoping that would help. It didn't. So, she found another one. That one was a different kind, and she couldn't find the beat with it because the beam (probably the wrong word) couldn't be pinpointed enough to find it. So, she went to get a third machine from her car. We barely heard the little beat... and the batteries died! She changed them, and then finally we were able to listen and search long enough to find the steady, little throb. Once she found it, we sat and listened for a couple of minutes so it could really sink in that everything is fine.

I wasn't worried, and all the delays didn't really make me anxious. I'm getting better at taking things one step at a time. As long as she wasn't worried, I was fine. I had a great time listening to Spud. I wish so badly that I could just put my hand over my uterus and feel the little beat! Of course, that may get a little maddening over time :)

Our short appointment ended fittingly. She wanted to run a copy of a page in a book that shows the approximate size of Spud, so that I can take it to Texas with me. The copier ran out of toner! After she fixed the toner, all the other faxes and reports started printing first, so we had to wait. It was hilarious. But, "all's well that ends well."

Good Thing Everyone I Know is Nice