Crafty C. McCrafterson

Now that I have lots of time on my hands (due to quitting of jobs and slowing of others), I'm super excited to start doing more crafty stuff! As I'm sure most can imagine, the majority of my crafts are centered on a certain new, little someone.

Here are some of the ideas I have:
  • A Painting/Lettering Project based on the words from Philippians 4:
    • true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, praiseworthy
    • will be supercute on baby's walls... not to mention instructive
  • A Knit Baby Blanket
    • solid colored: something cheerful and bright like orange or yellow
    • checkered: alternating squares of knit and purl
    • requires purchase of new knitting needles! Mine are all over the city thanks to my teaching so many people to knit three winters ago :)
  • Tye Dyed or Painted (no, NOT puffy paint) Onesies
    • Kind of want to wait on this until I find out if Spud is a boy or a girl
  • Sewing Maternity tops
    • Barbara's letting me have her sewing machine for a while!
  • Knit Hats and Booties
    • Cliche, but easy and fun!

I made this little Spud hat to get warmed up! Of course, then I realized... Baby's due July 7! Oh well, for air conditioning protection... because there is so much air conditioning in Seattle. Yeah.

Another daily craft of sorts is planning my meals. It's like composing an art project. A meal has to have all the right elements to say to my body what I need it to say. Calcium says, "don't cramp." Vitamin C says, "stay well." Iron says, "perk up!" I'll have to do a post one of these days about all my fun new ways of adding great nutrition to each meal. Super fun... and delicious. There's a reason its called culinary... art.

Alright, one last thing...

Spud has a Sporty-Spice Daddy!

Soccer Dad! They were in first place for a while... until last night, actually. Their team was a little short on regular players, so that probably hurt them a bit.

Biker Dad!
w/ cool spandex, warm clothes and a new helmet!

Stupid Layout!

Having a Baby Makes Me Feel Like a Baby