Enthusiasm Round-up

Alright- there's been a lot of sturm and drang lately. My heart has been no different than the outside (except that I do feel a secure anchor). I even wrote a big personal essay on all the political stuff. I'll send it to you if you want it. Just message me. I would post it, but that would be the action of someone confident. When it comes to politics, I'm just not. I'm confident in the value of people; no problem there. But, I don't feel well-informed enough to hold forth on such important topics. I can speak about how I feel and what I hope, and a lot of times, I feel strongly led to proclaim. Not on this stuff though. 

Part of being an enthusisasta is feeling stress and unrest strongly along with the fun things. I'm excitable. Aside from praying and thinking a lot about politics, I've been excited about other things too.

  1. Lavender Dreams and Mango Black tea from Teavana (don't buy the looseleaf stuff unless you're ready to be gut-punched by the price. I got seriously had by some White Chocolate Peppermint holiday tea *EYE ROLL EMOJI FOR DAYS*). Teavana is my new hangout. Quiet, great music. Super (like freakily) friendly staff.
  2. The green shoots of bulbs spearing up through the soil conditioner I spread in my flower bed. I'm excited about soil conditioning.  Thanks, City Peoples Garden Store guy! These mid-winter days, this whole season, remind me of how much I live for Summer. The little crocuses and daffodil tips coming out herald the start of the downhill season of discovery that is upon us. We are on our way back to Summer. I could really get spiritual about this (looks like I'm going to...) I may be living for Summer, but I have a choice about what to do with myself when Summer is out of my reach. I'm sure as can be that it is coming, but it ain't here now! I am catching myself a hundred times a day in my mind saying, "Ugh! I hate the Winter!" Then I raise my eyes and see the low clouds roiling up off my beloved Lake Washington in a fog shining golden with the low morning sun. Or I see the mountains, stony, stark, white with snow against a blue sky. I scold myself immediately! There is beauty here now. Things aren't how I want them to be in the world, but there is still so much beauty- so many opportunities to look for the Summer coming and prepare for it. 
  3. I'm excited about getting a king-sized bed. I love having my kids come snuggle in our bed in the mornings, but they are getting too big! 6 in the bed and every one of them wants to be as close to me as possible. I guess the king won't help much with that, but we'll see. I'll report back. It's a CANOPY BED! Childhood dreams (with a modern, sophisticated twist, of course) coming true! 
  4. My class for my Master's program has been fantastic so far. I'm excited about that.
  5. I'm feeling very excited about Seattle Public Schools and even more jazzed about the fact that I can confidently say that! Every kid and family is unique, and I will not tell you what to do with yours (unless you ask me ;)... but even then I'll get all rabbinical on you and just ask a lot of questions). For us, SPS has proven it's immense value in the community. The staff at our school has blown me away with their intention and care for the children. I am filled with gratitude.

I would love to hear what any of you are excited about these days. It doesn't take much for me to be ready cheer for anything lovely these days!

Beautiful Things

Beautiful Things

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