Best Friends Make Best Work

Best Friends Make Best Work

This recent piece for Fathom Magazine is full of love. And I can only put out as much love as has been placed in me to give. God fills me, and one way he does it is through my incredible, grounded, self-less friends. The two women in this piece are some of the “B’s” (ummm, no curse intended!) for whom I named my last child. When I shared the work, tentatively and full of nerves, full of the hope that they would see my true intentions, they were gushing with approval and kindness. Love does not always look like approval, far from it. But, for a woman who is incredibly hard on myself, kindness will always shock me more than critique.

I expect people to be disappointed in me. I will always find what’s wrong with my work. I expect people to misunderstand me. But these friends know me well and are willing to know me better. DO NOT misunderstand my friends’ intentions in this story. I have not felt more loved in a long, long time than by the way they responded to this story.

And that’s the only reason I can be proud of this work :).

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